Water Buffalo Leather Belt in "Crazy Horse"


This is our premium water buffalo leather belt. Cut from 9 oz hides, giving extra durability that will make this belt last a lifetime!  Each belt is carefully handmade, by cutting strips, then burnishing the edges to an extra smooth finish.  This high-quality leather pairs nicely with the unique colors, offering a high-end leather belt.  

This listing is for the 1 1/2" width.  It can also be done in more narrow widths. 

***Crazy horse leather does not come from horses rather it got the name because this type of leather is very popular with horse saddles.

 CRAZY HORSE LEATHER is made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax enhances the leather fibers in a way that when the leather is scratched or rubbed, the leather's natural color changes shade, giving an antique, vintage appearance.   


  • Crazy Horse
  • Crazy Horse Gray
  • Antique Nickel
  • Antique Brass
  • Antique Copper


We stamp a name or initials in the center of the back of the belt. If you want something more discreet we can put your initials on the tip of the belt.  Please leave in the personalization box if you would like your belt personalized. See photos for examples


***Please read sizing information below before ordering!!***
Please note: The belt sizes we offer correspond to the length of the belt from the  folded end to the center hole

Here are 3 methods for determining the correct size to order.

Measure an old belt or belt that is currently being worn.
Lay your old belt flat and measure from the buckle end (NOT including the buckle) to the hole that is most worn. Use that measurement to order the size belt needed. EXAMPLE- MEASUREMENT (end to used hole) 36" ORDER SIZE 36 BELT

Waist measurement- measure your waistline where you will be wearing your belt, preferably over your pants/jeans. It is best to measure with a measuring tape pulled to fit.  Whatever the measurement is, this will be the size to order. 

Know the pants size?- go up a size for the belt. EXAMPLE- SIZE 34 PANTS- ORDER SIZE 36 BELT.

***Unsure of what size to purchase? Please send us a message and we will be happy to assist!

It is your responsibility to order the correct size. If it is not personalized and you order the wrong size, we will exchange it, but you will be responsible for return shipping

  ***What I need to know**** 

Size Please note how the sizing of belt was acquired, was it an a belt measurement, waist measurement, or pants size.  Thanks!  

Name or initials, just as you would like it stamped on the belt 

These are truly lifetime belts as we have had customers come back to buy another belt after wearing the same belt purchased 20+ years ago from us.


If you would like to add a special message to the inside of your belt click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Phillip C.
Very good belt Thanks

Very good belt Thanks

James C.
Great buy on a solid belt

I just got this belt a couple days ago so a long term review is a ways off but I can say from an initial quality standpoint it's fantastic.

I love the look and feel of the leather so much. The semi worn appearance of the belt matches my boots perfectly without looking shabby. It can be work at work just as well for a night out.

The thickness is good for casual wear but keep in mind that the 8 or 9oz leather is fairly thin for any kind of really heavy duty use or ccw use. For heavy uses I like a solid 14oz belt or some of my gun belts are steel core inside the leather. A stiff belt is as crucial as a good holster if you want to safely carry a mid size or full size handgun.

That's not to say this belt is so thin as to be fragile... on the contrary, it's very well built and I see nothing initially that would indicate anything going wrong any time soon.

The hardware looks great and matches my jim green boots perfectly and the roller buckle is securely held in place by good quality chicago style screws not snaps which is good as snaps can wear out over time.

I have other belts and I know to stay away from most department store so called "genuine leather" or "bonded leather" belts. Heck, a cheap riggers belt or canvas belt will be better than that junk.

A solid REAL leather belt will out last 10 cheap ones. My dad still has his old belt and I remember that all too well lol!

So if you're on the fence about this thing or maybe don't quite think you wanna spend a decent amount of money just remember two things...

1. Buy once cry once. Anything you plan to count on is worth buying QUALITY.

2. This is a small family company making things by hand in America. That's well worth supporting.

Anyways, that's my short review. Maybe I'll come back and leave another long term one in a year or two.

Overall I'm happy with it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Michael P.
Good product

Good product

Brandy S.

Wonderful belt, just beautiful. Also quick shipping even with the personalization. Thank you!

Brockett H.
so highly recommended

This was a very well-received Father's Day gift. High quality, felt special.

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