Breaking in the Leather

We use some of the highest quality leathers for our products. This means that minimal care is needed to protect what you have spent your well-earned money on. The best advice we can give someone if they ask how can they soften their leather good is to use the product daily. Whether this be wear your new belt daily, use a guitar strap, or carry a wallet, just using the product will help "break-in" the leather. What most people don't understand is that our skin has a lot of oil in it and leather absorbs oil very easily. So, when using your new leather product daily, it will absorb oil from ones skin and "break in" like a charm. However, if your products starts to become dry out or you want to soften the leather faster, then we recommend Smith's Natural Leather Balm. It is a product we have been using in our shop for a few years now and it really is amazing and made from all natural products. You can massage the balm into the leather with you fingers or a soft cloth.


Patina Process

The patina process, darkening of the leather, is a natural thing that occurs to leather over time whether or not your product has some type of leather finish on it. Just like I stated above, the oils from our skin will and, although it might sound nasty, the sweat from our body will make the products start to patina.

For those folks that want to make that patina process faster on their natural belt, there are several types of oil that I use. I recommend using a neatsfoot oil if you can find some from your local hardware store or you can find some on good ole Amazon. The belt does not need to be dipped into the oil as too much oil can ruin the belt. The oil can be applied in light coats with a cloth.