M and W Leather History

M and W Leather was founded in 1991 by Mike and Wendy Brock, in the small community of Bowden’s, North Carolina.   This leather trade was a skill that Mike's dad acquired in the late '80s.  Mike began learning the trade while helping in his dad’s business, RB’s Leather.  Once Mike and Wendy married in 1991, they ventured into their own company, M & W Leather.   What started as a simplistic belt making company, that sustained the family for many years, grew into something much larger. For many years, Mike and Wendy worked together at various craft shows and festivals throughout eastern North Carolina, while their children, Hannah, Hunter, and Hope would tag along and eventually became a great help in the business. Though, working together as a family was definitely a challenge at times, but in many ways became a great advantage. The children learned the value of a dollar and realized that working is what earns the dollar.  


Over the years, M and W expanded beyond the leather belts and began making many new items.  In 2013, they began selling worldwide with online sales through Etsy. In May of 2018,  their son graduated with a BA in Business Management and has now partnered with them.  Hunter is currently adding new items, including a new belt collection along with beautiful gun holsters and uniquely crafted wallets.  Mike and Wendy are proud to say that M and W Leather is not only a family made business, but has become a branded trade that will hopefully carry on to the next generation.  


Our mission is to create high quality, handmade leather goods that become heirlooms for future generations.  As an artisan, we love working with our hands-on projects that can help benefit others. This is a large part of why we have continued this leather business, and provide people with a good that is as special to them as it is to us. God gave everyone on this earth the ability to create something, and we have chosen to use our hands to create beautiful leatherwork, and it is something we enjoy.   There is a significant pride that a leather craftsman must find in their products which begins with customer satisfaction. Our goal is that customers will find our products to be satisfying and cherished for many years.




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