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Braided leather bracelet



Our braided bracelet is made out of 5-6 oz. Autumn Harvest leather and is about 5/8" wide. These bracelets are a great accessory that can be worn with most any attire. The braided part will allow for a little stretch in the bracelet so that it will fit whomever is wearing one perfectly. Each bracelet has our pine cone makers mark to represent being handmade by us here in North Carolina because our state tree is a Longleaf pine. 

 Personalization: We can add 3 little initials on the bracelet is you would like. Just leave the initials in the personalization text box. 


To determine the size you will need: 

1. Measure your wrist to the measurement that you want the bracelet to fit.   Use a measuring tape or place a string around your wrist, then place next to a ruler to find your measurement

2. Once you have that measurement, add 1/2" to determine the size you should choose from the dropbox. For example, if your wrist measures 7.25" then you would choose a size 7.75". We are making our measurements from the snaps rather than the end of the leather. 

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