English Bridle Leather Belt "Black"


Looking for the REAL leather belt?? Look no further!!!!  If you are looking for a dress or casual belt or an everyday work belt, this is a great choice with a whole lot of durability that will last!  


                          This is the belt "that won't break".  


This is our plain genuine cowhide English Bridle leather belt.   We hand make all of our belts from 8-9oz hides.  We cut, hand tool, dye, and finish our belts from beginning to end. 


This listing is for the 1-1/2" width.  It can also be done in more narrow widths.  



We stamp a name or initials in the center of the back of the belt. If you want something more discreet we can put can put the initials on the tip of the belt.  Leave in comments if you would like your belt personalized and what choice of lettering you would like.  



Generally, for men our belts are one size up from your pants size, for example, if you wear a 34 waist in pants you would wear a 36 in our belts. But our belts do run a bit smaller than most and we don't do returns or exchanges on personalized items, therefore, it would be best if you measured your waist along with the belt you wear now. This is definitely the best way to find a ladies size, as most wear belts on their hips rather than their waist.   When measuring your waist, use a tape measure and pull around your waist through the loops of your pants as tight as you would fasten your belt.  Another way to measure is to take the belt you are wearing daily now and measure from the buckle end all the way to the hole that you are using to fasten your belt, (DO NOT include the buckle in measurement).  Preferably, I would like to know both measurements to make the correct size.


  ***What I need to know**** 

Size (measurements mentioned above please leave in the comment box at checkout)

Buckle Choice- please note, all roller buckles will be an extra $2.00.  

Name or initials, just as you would like it stamped on the belt 



These are truly lifetime belts as we have had customers come back to buy another belt after wearing the same belt purchased 20+ years ago from us.


                        *****NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON PERSONALIZED ITEMS*****

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