Water Buffalo Leather Belt in "Crazy Horse"


This is our premium water buffalo leather belt. Cut from 9 oz hides, giving extra durability that will make this belt last a lifetime!  Each belt is carefully handmade, by cutting strips, then burnishing the edges to an extra smooth finish.  This high-quality leather pairs nicely with the unique colors, offering a high-end leather belt.  

This listing is for the 1 1/2" width.  It can also be done in more narrow widths. 

***Crazy horse leather does not come from horses rather it got the name because this type of leather is very popular with horse saddles.

 CRAZY HORSE LEATHER is made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax enhances the leather fibers in a way that when the leather is scratched or rubbed, the leather's natural color changes shade, giving an antique, vintage appearance. 


If you would like the belt personalized with initials on the tip please add in the text box.  


  • Crazy Horse
  • Crazy Horse Gray
  • Antique Nickel
  • Antique Brass
  • Antique Copper



Generally, for men, our belts are one size up from the pants size.  For example, if one wore a size 34 waist in pants, they should request a 36 belt to be made upon checking out. It would be best if you measured the waist along with the belt size. This is definitely the best way to find a ladies size, as most wear belts on their hips rather than their waist.  When measuring your waist, use a tape measure and pull around your waist through the loops of your pants as tight as you would fasten your belt.  Another way to measure is to take the belt you are wearing daily now and measure from the buckle end all the way to the hole that you are using to fasten your belt, (DO NOT include the buckle in measurement).  Preferably, I would like to know both measurements to make the correct size.


If unsure about the size, it is always better to order a little larger belt and request some extra holes be added. 

***What I need to know****

Size-Choose from the drop box

Buckle Choice

Color Choice

Name or initials for personalization (if requested)

These are truly lifetime belts as we have had customers come back to buy another belt after wearing the same belt purchased 20+ years ago from us.


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