Calvary Leather Belt-Narrow version-Hand Sewn


Our Calvary Leather Belt is made from English Bridle full-grain leather. We Hand-stitch the end with a saddle-stitching technique that allows for the most secure fastening on the buckle end of the belt. Many of our techniques used to produce this product originated from the old saddle-making process.

This belt is our best dress belt we offer with hand-burnished edges that feel like glass. The belt is 1.25" wide which is the perfect width for a dress belt. The finished product will result in a strong belt that is well worth the investment and a great addition to your everyday wear. 

For a wider, more business casual version of this belt, click here.

Personalization: We offer initials engraved on the tip of the belt for free!


  • Center-Bar Antique Brass
  • Center-Bar Antique Copper
  • Roller Antique Brass
  • Roller Antique Copper
  • Roller Antique Nickel

The Ritza Tiger thread that we use on this product is known as a superior thread in the leather-crafting world.  Being that the thread is 100% Polyester and also lightly waxed makes this thread more durable than most any other thread on the market. 

Since the Ritza thread is so durable it should last for an extremely long time, but  we do offer a lifetime stitching guarantee because we are that confident in this thread. If your thread does wear out, send us your worn out product and we will replace the thread or replace the product itself.



  • Genuine English Bridle Leather in Black
  • Hand finished edges 
  • Hand-sewn with Ritza Tiger thread to secure the buckle 
  • Center-Bar buckles do not come with leather belt loop due to the buckle itself acting as a loop to hold the belt down
  • 1.25" wide strap
  • 7 holes positioned 1" apart (allows for up to 7" of adjustment ex. size 32 adjusts from 29" to 35")


  • Belts are made-to-order and cut to your specific size
  • To find your perfect size, measure in inches your current belt from where the leather folds around the buckle, to the hole you most commonly use (your waist size will not be the size pants you wear)
  • Generally, if you wear a size 36" then you would purchase a 38" belt, but it is best to measure an old belt if possible


  • 9-10oz English Bridle in golden brown, rich brown, or black
  • Ritza Tiger Thread in white, beige, brown, or black
  • Premium Buckles


    • Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
    • Apply Smith's Leather Balm by hand


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